Sunday, August 15, 2004

Mountains? Yeah, we climbed some mountains...

...but they were all in Washington. No mountains in Montana for us. Go figure!

Sherman Pass? Oh yeah.

Wauconda Pass? Maybe. No, seriously, we did it.

Loup-Loup Pass? It has a silly name.

Washington Pass, you ain't so tough!

Rainy Pass...was okay.

And here's my favorite picture of Sarah from the entire trip so far:

She's such a beauty.

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Nick said...

Youse kids are adorable. I'm envious of your adventures and thrilled you're having a great time and are ok. The pictures are fantastic, it's good to be reminded how beautiful this country can be. It'll be marvy to have the blog updated more often now that you're on the west coast. Come home soon, that we may celebrate with the adding of chocolate to milk.