Sunday, February 05, 2006

Go Steelers!!!!

Hooray!!! Triumph! The experience of watching the Super Bowl at The Parkway Theater was completely fantastic. I got to meet cool new folks, hang out with old friends, and be completely engaged in a pretty decent football game! Also, I knocked over Two, count 'em, Two completely full beers on consecutive exciting plays during the second half of the game, which was embarassing and cool. Long story short, a helluva game, and the viewing experience was entirely satisfactory. And good on the Steelers.

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Anonymous said...

Was knocking over your beers "cool" in a figurative or literal sense? Dave just came downstairs and reported that the fancy deli in town in its radio ad has a new slogan, I kid you not "Fresh meat is the best way to say I love you." Signed, Just Wondering.