Friday, August 04, 2006

Caterpillars Eat Sweden!

I think my friend E-Fantastico's nightmares might look a little like this:

Carpet Caterpillars are apparently on a rampage in Sweden, relentlessly creating haunting, Christo-like tableaus for the aesthetic enjoyment of those cold, lonely Vikings. Thank you, Caterpillars, thank you for making the world a stranger place!

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Elizabeth said...

That is stragely beautiful, and still so disgusting. You're right, my worst nightmare. I'm sorry, but that bike's done for.

Doubly my worst nightmare because in late '80's northern Minnesota, we had a tent caterpillar (we called 'em "army worm") invasion; they didn't leave filmy veils like this, but they did hang from trees on invisible threads and you'd walk right into them, just dangling. It made a walk in the forest impossible, especially for this fourth grader. Ew.

Thanks for the link, by the way!

Joe Barry said...

Update your damn blog, slacker!