Saturday, August 18, 2007

Much Better!

Turns out the "Add Image" window was opening behind the open FireFox window rather than just popping right out in front. Better than nothing!

Here's two of me and housemate QueenE from the day we were both nerds, accidentally.

Evildoers! Beware our vigilance!



Queen E said...

Oh, funny! I'd forgotten about our super hero coincidence day.

You know, when I wear that shirt I get lots of people looking at my chest--which of course I'm not super excited about--and the design get some interesting comments. Most people wonder what it is ("Wonder Woman! Duh!"), and have mistaken it for Van Halen, Weezer and even World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Thanks for the photos. A link from my blog is forthcoming!

Andy said...

I get the same when I wear my Batman shirt--but of course the stakes are much different. It's the only garment I own that strangers have ever commented on, and it happens pretty frequently.