Friday, February 08, 2008

Depicting Rome, pt. 4

One of Bernini's angels on the Ponte Angeli. Each of ten angels holds a different instrument of the Passion.

Roman skyline, from the top of the Castel Sant'Angelo.

Skating rink on the banks of the Tiber. I walked past this almost every day. When we arrived, during holiday, it was packed from early afternoon on. Attendance seemed to taper off after Epiphany (Jan. 6), and by the time I left on the 23rd it was like a slippery little ghost town. Isn't that just the way with youth culture, though.

The sky on the other side of the sunset.

And Sarah! This picture doesn't at all capture the way she was glowing with the sun sinking behind her, but it's pretty okay anyways.

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